I know that Labor Day was a month ago, but I still wanted to share about our annual trip to Michigan to visit my family. We were in my home town for less than 24 hours (enough time for a haircut and a quick trip to the mall) before we headed up to our family cabin for the long weekend. It was restful as usual. I don’t have a long list of things we did, so I will explain more things with pictures.

Due to Chris’s arm, he couldn’t go swimming, so we mostly walked in the water and chatted.

Labor Day 2015-7

Labor Day 2015-2

We played lots of games including corn hole and Settlers of Catan (per usual). We also bought an extension for the game, Cities and Knights. Chris, my dad, and I loved it and played a lot. The rest of the family wasn’t as thrilled with it (it slows the pace and requires a bit more thinking).

Labor Day 2015-6

We took our annual trip into Mackinaw City. First we played miniature golf and I helped Greg tie for the win because I hit in his ball for a hole in one. We also reminisced about how many people used to come to the course and how nice it used to be. They have stopped maintaining it well which is a bummer, but we still like it.

Labor Day 2015-3

We also went to look for shirts and get ice cream. For the previous 3 years my mom has been dying to buy Chris and I Michigan shirts, but every year we haven’t found something we liked or we did, but the store didn’t have our size. But this was my mom’s lucky year as Chris and I both found shirts we liked! Long sleeve shirts for the win! And then we got ice cream to celebrate 🙂

Labor Day 2015-4

The weather was supposed to be rainy most of the weekend, but luckily it wasn’t. We had one morning that looked like it was going to rain, but then it went away. I personally like the stormy days because the lake is beautiful and we play lots of games.

Labor Day 2015-1

Labor Day 2015-9

Labor Day 2015-8

As our time Up North ended, Chris and I were reflecting on our experiences there more than usual. I’ve had so many amazing memories up at my cabin with family and friends over my lifetime. It has always been a given that my children would have the same. But things might be changing soon. While I pray that our dreams for the future will be met, I know that no matter what happens the cabin will always be very special to my family and I know my kids with have a similar experience as I did, whether there or somewhere new.