If you missed part 1 of our Seattle trip, check it out here.

On Monday and Tuesday we decided to get a rental car and tour one of the local islands. Our Fresno family got us a Bed & Breakfast gift card for Christmas, so we saw this as the perfect opportunity to have a little romantic getaway. After talking to several people we decided to go to Whidbey Island. We also got lucky because Connor’s mom told us all the best places to go on the island, so our trip was mapped out well.

Monday morning we picked up our rental car, a nice VW Bug, and drove 45 minutes north to take a 10 minute ferry over to the island. While Seattle was sunny when we left, the closer we got to the ferry, the foggier it got. The ferry blew my mind. While I knew it had to be large to transport cars, it was much larger than I expected. It was a fun first for me even though I couldn’t see anything on the ride.

Our first stop was a cute little city called Langley. We walked down by the water and then through the town. We stopped at the local thrift store (which the ferry brochures highly recommended haha) and we found an old fire station that was turned into a glass blowing store. We went in to watch for little bit and it reminded me of field trips in elementary school.

Seattle Part 2 Whidbey Island Ferry Langley

Next we drove over to Double Bluffs Beach and walked around. It was gorgeous. There was driftwood everywhere. I seriously wished I lived nearby so I could take some home with me (I did take one smaller piece as a trip momento). Previous beach goers made forts out of the wood that we explored. Chris played baseball with the sticks and rocks. We wandered around and chatted…. it was great.

Seattle Part 2 Whidbey Island Double Bluffs Beach

Seattle Part 2 Double Bluffs Beach-1

Seattle Part 2 Double Bluffs Beach-2

Our next stop was Fort Ebey State Park, which was a former site of WWII coastal defense. The beach looked similar with lots of driftwood. From where we parked we hiked about a mile to see the bunker and gun platforms. It was really cool and creepy to walk through. On our hike back it started to clear up and we could start to see the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle Part 2 Whidley Island Ebey State Park

Seattle Part 2 Ebey State Park-1-2

Seattle Part 2 Ebey State Park-1

After this we were pretty tired so we headed over to our B&B. Chris found it online and liked it because it was set on a bluff and wasn’t part of a cluster of other B&B’s. I immediately liked it because their cat Rocky greeted us and walked us right up to the door. After checking in, we walked through the backyard and took in the amazing view. The rest of the evening included relaxing, dinner, and watching part of the Bachelor season finale (Chris was very generous to let me do this).

Seattle Part 2 Bed and Breakfast View-1

The next morning we had breakfast with the owners. They made salmon eggs benedict and it was amazing. It was great to chat with them and make connections. He was a retired school teacher and she was a nurse. They lived near Wheaton at one point and also went to Christian colleges in the Midwest, so it was fun to make those connections and hear about their life adventures.

The rest of the morning we spent explore Deception Pass, which is the most visited state park in Washington and we totally understood why. First we walked across the bridge to look through the pass. While we are not scared of heights, when you look down and see the water swirling, it made us appreciate that God puts some fear in us to keep us safe because that water was moving!

Seattle Part 2 Whidbey Island Deception Pass

After taking in the bridge view we did a hike that the B&B owners suggested. It was beautiful and warm. We did encounter one snake, but luckily only Chris saw it and it was scared of us and went away. I was surprised at how calm I was the whole time… I didn’t want that to ruin the experience for me.

Seattle Part 2 Deception Pass-1

Seattle Part 2 Deception Pass-2

After the park we drove back to Seattle and met up with some Fresno friends, one who just moved to Seattle and one who was visiting. It was fun to see familiar faces in a city that was new to all of us.

That evening we hung out with Connor’s family and some of his friends. We had a great Greek dinner and learned a new game called Coup. While I thought I would hate it because it’s like Mafia, it was actually a lot of fun and every round presented a new winner.

Early the next morning we were on a flight back to New Jersey. While our trip felt short, it was so good. It was filled with adventure, exercise (everyday I got a workout which is unheard of!), fellowship, good food, and beautiful landscapes. It reminded me that we need to be more intentional about taking adventures together, big or small, and to value the daily adventures that we are living in now.