A few weeks ago Chris had his reading week (aka Spring Break) and we made a last minute decision to go to Seattle.  I know I should have posted this weeks ago, but with 500+ pictures daunting me, I procrastinated editing them and therefore posting them… but now they are ready!

So here’s how our last minute trip came to be. Nine days before we left, Chris got an email from Frontier saying they had $49 flights to certain locations during his break, so he wanted me to look into it. After reading the fine print, it was only for select days, none of which were during his break, so I gave him how much it would actually cost. Then he got the travel bug and said, “if we’re going to go somewhere, we should go big!” So 9 days out I’m looking for trips to Greece, Hawaii, and the French Polynesian islands… not very realistic. I was convinced we would go nowhere because it didn’t seem like the best use of our money, especially since most short-notice trips are more expensive.

Later that evening our friend Connor was over and we were telling him this story. He was planning to go home (to Seattle) for break to visit his family and because his wife, Amity, was already there for her second foot surgery. Somehow it got tossed out that we should go to Seattle. We looked at tickets and they were reasonably priced. Connor got the ok from his family and the next day we bought our tickets.

We flew out on a Friday morning, making it to Seattle by the late afternoon. That evening we hung out with Connor’s family, played sports in the backyard, ate good food, and played Nertz to end the evening.

Seattle Part 1 Backyard Games

On Saturday Chris and I toured downtown Seattle. Connor’s family lives about 15 minutes outside of the city, so we were able to take the bus in. However, since we knew nothing about the bus system and lost service because the buses run underground once they get into the city, we got off at the farthest bus stop from everything we wanted to see. Luckily the walk was only two miles and it gave us a better feel for the city. It definitely seemed empty in several areas we walked through, probably because big businesses were closed. We also walked through several pot-saturated areas… we forgot it was legalized in Washington and we did not enjoy those aromas.

After our long walk we made it over to the Seattle Duck Tours. I love that you can get a quick overview of a city by land and water. Plus we had a great tour guide. One thing Chris and I were surprised by were not only the number of lakes, but that boathouses were a big deal. There were docks all along the lake and many didn’t even look like boats, but like actual houses on a floating device… my mind was blown.

Seattle Part 1 Duck Tour House Boats

After our Duck Tour we headed over to the Space Needle. Chris didn’t really want to go (not worth the money in his opinion), but I’m glad we did. The view from the top was amazing and we had great weather (and therefore visibility). We are one of those couples that has an unrealistic view of Seattle because we went for 5 days at the beginning of March and it was sunny and 60 everyday. It’s hard for us to imagine that it rains (for mists) regularly.

Seattle Part 1 Space Needle

In the middle picture you can slightly see Mount Rainier in the top right corner.


After the Space Needle we headed down to the Pike Place Market, which was really cool, but quite overwhelming. It was super busy, but we got to see them throw the fish. Plus we bought lots of goodies like flowers, bread, cheese, and rosemary garlic olive oil. We also bought some garlic chive pasta to take home.

Seattle Part 1 Pike Place Market

It was around 4pm and we had been planning to stay in the city for dinner, but we were tired and ready to head back. While it’s cool to see a new city, it always reminds us that we are not city people. Especially when it took us 20 minutes to find the underground bus entrance, which caused us to miss our bus by 2 minutes… boo. But we are glad we went back early because Connor’s family had invited some friends over from their church, so it was fun meeting them and eating some good food. It was also ironic because all the younger kids watched The Dark Night after dinner while the 4 of us went and watched Finding Nemo.

All day Sunday we hung out with Connor’s family. First we went to their church. After lunch we went back to play roller hockey in the church parking lot. It was a lot of fun (especially because I just ran around instead of skated) and it brought me back to my childhood. I also got some nice bruises: one that looked like a paintball hit me because I got hit by the ball in the ribs and another from a few of us getting tangled up and I got hit with a stick in the back of the knee… that bruise was so gross!

Seattle Part 1 Roller Hockey

After hockey we headed over to the climbing gym so Amity could get a workout in. Yes, the girl climbs with a boot on after foot surgery. She’s hardcore.

Seattle Part 1 Rock Climbing

Then we ended the day by watching the sunset over a lake and having dinner with their family.

Seattle Part 1 Sunset Over a Lake

Part 2 coming tomorrow with some island road trip action and some gorgeous views.