1st Quarter Update 2015

Since I haven’t done monthly updates in awhile, I thought I would combine everything into a quarterly post instead. The beginning of this year has been filled with new things, so here we go:


  • January: Upload and edit all of our photos. I hadn’t touched pictures since October so there were a lot! We also cleaned out our storage unit. We didn’t get rid of much, but it was good to look through what we had and reorganize.
  • February: Make curtains for our apartment. I’m honestly shocked I finished them, especially with how long they took, but thanks to President’s Day and the following day being a snow day, I finished them.
  • March: Make picture albums (I did not complete this so I’m hoping to move this goal to June) and doing our taxes. Let’s just say that taxes suck. I always get frustrated and this year we owed lots of moolah because our church job doesn’t take out enough money… big bummer, but they are done!

Big Things

  • Chris officially got accepted to the Rutgers Social Work program! So next school year he will be half at Princeton, half at Rutgers. We are thinking/hoping that next school year will bring more clarity for him for the direction he wants to go when school is over.
  • I started an Etsy shop at the beginning of March. While I want to do a whole post to give it some justice, I still have a lot of work to do before I report anything. So far I have listed one item, but I have more on the way and a ton in my head that I need to make… I just need to find/make the time. I’m planning to work hard on my shop the next few months, so hopefully I can give you a real how it started/how I’m feeling update in June(ish).


  • First trip to Seattle. You can see Part 1 of our trip here and Part 2 of our trip here.
  • Chris and I went to McCarter Theater in Princeton to see our first play, Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. It was amazing! First off, we did not realized that McCarter theater is a big deal. Second, though I have not been to a Broadway performance yet, this was by far the best play I have ever seen. The cast consisted of 5 people. Sherlock and Watson stayed the same, but the other three actors were constantly switching characters. It was seriously amazing how fast they changed. They comically incorporated it into the play by occasionally having them change on stage or if they were slightly late to a scene they would comment that they were late and the character would say “well yeah.” Plus it was fun to see a play based on books/movies/tv shows that we really like.
  • I finally finished my very first building project! We love it… more to come somewhat soon.


  • I got my tonsils out in February (procedure post and recovery post). I really glad I had it done and my recovery went really well.
  • Chris’s elbow is having some problems. Based on how he puts pressure on it, it feels like one of his bones is shifting out of place. When we were in Seattle Connor’s dad (an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulders and elbows) looked at it along with some of Chris’s x-rays. He said it looks like the bone healed fine, but that the ligament that holds his radius in place is too loose and the only way to tighten it is surgery… so we are considering that, possibly during the summer, but we still need to figure a lot of things out. I’ll keep you posted.


Because of my surgery, we got Netflix and Hulu Plus, so I’ve been binge watching lots of shows. I don’t remember what I started with, but I’ve watched Scandal (I caught up to live television) and I Parenthood. I watched the first season and a half of Parenthood while it was on tv, but I started running out of time and that was one of the shows I gave up, even though I really like it. I just watched the finale episode (twice) and it was amazing and I was so sad to see it end. I think that will be one of my favorite shows ever. I also just watched the finale episode of Hart of Dixie and I’m mad they are not renewing the show!

Because I have been watching so much tv, Chris is challenging me to go (mostly) tv free for the month of April. And I will not turn down a challenge, however I did ask for one parameter: that I get to watch tv socially, like my weekly Dancing with the Stars hangout with my friend Lauren or watching Fixer Upper at his parents house. He said that was fine. With tv I think the lesson I need to learn in moderation. Netflix is my downfall, but watching a few shows once a week is doable, especially since that is how I like to unwind.


I started reading again in March. On our Seattle trip I read For the Right Reasons by Sean Lowe. I know some of you might think that is lame, but I like watching the Bachelor and I liked hearing about his faith/life journey before, during, and after the show. I also read Esty-preneurship by Jason Malinak to help me get things started with my Etsy shop. I’m realizing I have some big fears to conquer when it comes to putting my passions into an Etsy shop, so the book I’m currently reading to help with that is Make It Happen by Lara Casey. While I’m only a few chapter in, I know this book is going to help  me face some of my fears by finding freedom through my relationship with Christ. Hopefully I will do a full post on what I’ve learned from this book when I finish it. I also got Shauna Niequist’s new devotional Savor and I’ve reading it every night.


  • We celebrated our two year anniversary and Chris’s 26th birthday. Read post here.
  • We had our annual High School Retreat and it was so much fun. I was pumped because 3 of my girls came (opposed to 1 last year) and one of them accepted Christ as her Savior! So awesome!

Things to look forward to in the 2nd Quarter

  • Our annual March Madness bracket date… Chris won this year for the first time.
  • The massive church garage sale that I am in charge of on April 18th. Though I am not stressed, please pray for me.
  • Junior High Mission Trip to Philly the first weekend of May.
  • A vacation to the Outer Banks with my family.
  • My part-time job at the church officially ending at the end of May. We are still discussing what my work life will looking like after that (mostly for the fall since Chris will be working in the summer).
  • Chris starts his summer internship alongside a hospital chaplain.
  • I’m finally going to start posting all of my building projects!

That about sums up the 1st quarter. Thanks for checking in to see what we’ve been up to!



  1. Such a busy start to 2015!!! As someone with an MSW, I’m a little biased, but I hope Chris loves his social work program! It’s such an awesome field and the degree opens so many different doors. It’s one field that can go tons of different directions- and the license is the most widely recognized across the nation in relation to other helping professions (counseling, therapy, etc)

    • Katie he is very excited about starting the MSW program. You are right that is can open so many doors to so many great opportunities and we are hoping God will give us some clarity in the next year about which direction Chris should go in! You two who have a great time talking!

  2. Sorry about Chris’ elbow. That’s a bummer. 🙁 Blessings on your Philly trip and on your future plans decision making. You will do great things.

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