Celebration Weekend

A few weeks ago was a major celebration weekend. We started off on Friday with Chris’s 26th birthday and ended on Monday with our two year anniversary. The weekend was filled with quality time, surprises, and fun.

First we had a family party for Chris on Friday. His parents, brother, and grandma came down to Princeton with his favorite pizza and cake. Our friend Connor also came over to celebrate (that was a surprise to Chris). We spent the night eating, playing games, and chatting.

February 2015-40

February 2015-44

On Saturday Chris and I celebrated his birthday with dinner and my surprise. An hour before dinner I kicked Chris out of the apartment to build a fort in our living room. I dragged our mattress in and then constructed a fort out of sheets. I safety pinned the sheets together, tacked it to the top on our entertainment center, and draped it over the couch.

February 2015-45

When I was done I grabbed Chris and we went to dinner at Brio. Due to snow, the roads were terrible! We were driving 20 mph on the highway… luckily the restaurant was close. After dinner we went back to the apartment and I surprised Chris with our fort slumber party! We played games and watched a movie while drinking sparkling juice… my kind of night.

February 2015-48

On Sunday we celebrate part 1 of our anniversary. For Christmas Chris got me a Groupon for a chocolate making class, so we used it for our anniversary. At the class we learned how chocolate is made, about the bean to bar movement, how to properly temper (melt) chocolate, and then we made/ate some. It was very rich and tasty.

February 2015-55

Monday was our actual anniversary. On Mondays Chris has class from 2-5 and 6:30-9:30, so we had just enough time to go to dinner. I met him at the library and we walked to one of our regulars, Winberie’s. When Chris got home from class he surprised me with a 24-case of Izzes! I was so excited! It’s kind of an inside joke from our wedding. We had them as favors for our guests and when we ordered them from Whole Foods we ordered based on what was on the shelves, which is 4 per package, but when you buy in bulk they are 24 per case, meaning we ordered 6 times more Izzes than we needed. Luckily Whole Foods sells them a lot, so we only had to take what we wanted, but Chris felt so bad he bought 5-6 extra boxes, so we were drinking Izzes for 6 months after our wedding.

February 2015-59

February 2015-60

Cheers to two years of marriage and another year of life!

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  1. Cristopher and his Boston cream pie…yuck. I miss that bounty of Izzes.

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