December 2014

Better really late than never right? Yeah… I procrastinated because it’s really long and I stink at working with my pictures on a regular basis. Anyway, December started off with a bang. We finally hung some art on our walls… it only took us 15 months for 1-2 hours worth of work. My birthday was on the 3rd along with my mom’s. Chris woke up early that morning and got me my favorite donut for breakfast 🙂 And my bosses got me Chinese for lunch (my food obsession lately). Chris and I celebrated my birthday on Friday since he had to work the night of my birthday, which I didn’t mind because I got to relax and talk to people who called.

December 2014-1

For my birthday date he made a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, which was so cute! First I chose an activity, which I chose to get a Christmas tree. Then I chose where I wanted to get it, so we went to a local orchard. They didn’t have many options so we didn’t get one there, but it was a fun trip. Then I got to pick dinner and I chose Nomad’s pizza which is awesome! Their oven is 800 degrees, so a pizza cooks in about 1 minute. After we went to Home Depot to get a tree. It took a lot of unwrapping to find the right one. Once we got home I got to choose my dessert of choice, ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe’s, and to choose my gift, which I chose new running shoes (that I have worn once so far haha).

December 2014-2

The first weekend of the month we had a clothes swap party for the high school girls. This was a great time to finally clean out my closet since it had been on my to-do list since August. Everyone brought their clothes, laid them out by size and type, and then got to shop what other people brought. We sent all the leftover clothes to thredUP, which will pay for your quality donated clothes, and we used that money for a fundraiser. Unfortunately, not a lot of girls came, but it was a lot of fun. I controlled myself and only brought home one tank top.

December 2014-4 Swap Party-1

December 2014-5 Swap Party-2

I finished knitting our Christmas stockings! They took about a week each. I definitely had to (re)learn some knitting terms and techniques. Luckily there is YouTube. If you like the pattern, I got it on Etsy.

December 2014-3 honeycomb knit stockings

Chris finished school on the 19th. He was very glad to be done with the semester because it was harder than he expected and he didn’t love his classes. But he learned a lot and passed so yay! That also marked my last day of school and then I got two weeks off.

We spent the first 4 days of break up at his grandma’s condo. She passed away in October and we are trying to get her condo on the market this spring. Chris and I were in charge of de-wallpapering and painting the kitchen and half bathroom. We already spent a whole day in November de-wallpapering, so we just needed to finish, which we did on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. During those days I also attended my first Sweet 16 party for a girl in my small group and we celebrated Chris’s mom’s birthday. We went to see the 3rd Hobbit movie, which I actually understood and it made me consider watching the Lord of the Rings again. Monday we spackled and sanded and Tuesday we painted and went home!

December 2014-6


For Christmas Eve, we spent the morning lounging and walking around downtown Princeton. It was our only day home of the 2 week break so I was soaking it up. In the afternoon Chris’s family came over. We made cookies, ate Chinese food, played a game, and watched the first Lord of the Rings movie. It was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve as a family.

December 2014-7

Christmas Day Chris and I spent the morning together reading the Christmas story, eating breakfast and opening gifts. Then we headed over to his parents for for family gifts and an extended family dinner. In the evening we went over to a family friend’s house to celebrate her birthday.

The next day we roadtripped to Michigan. We had a great several days with my parents filled with games, visiting friends, seeing extended family, bowling, and much more. I also built a headboard for my parents as their Christmas present, so many hours were spent on that. It’s cold woodworking outside, especially while sanding! I would sand for 10 minutes and then have to come inside to run my hands under warm water for 5 minutes. But it turned out really great! My favorite moment of the trip was when Chris asked my mom if she could teach him how to sew. My mom is an awesome quilter. She taught me how to sew as a kid so it was fun to see her teach Chris. One night Chris and my mom were sewing while my dad and I were in the basement playing with is new nail gun… haha I love it!

December 2014-8

December 2014-9

December 2014-10

We rang in the New Year playing Settlers with my parents and then left the next morning for Columbus, OH to hangout with my college roommates. While this is technically January, I’m going to include it here since it’s part of our trip.

Columbus was amazing! It was so much fun to see my roomies and to hangout as a group. We missed Jenny, but we got to Skype with her one night which was fun! When we first arrived I built a headboard for Ben and Gumi… yes this was the headboard building trip. It didn’t take as long as my parents’ since I had built it before (she chose the same one we have) and because they are finishing it. That night we went to watch the Ohio State game at a bar, which was crazy because Ohio State fans are crazy. The next day we toured her neighborhood, which was so cute. While the boys played video games the girls went to get manicures and then we met up at a video game bar. The next day was rainy, so we went to a large indoor market for lunch and then the girls went shopping at this sketchy outlet store. On the way back we met the boys at Kingmakers, a board game bar. Seriously, Columbus had so many cool activity places that I have never heard of before!

December 2014-11

December 2014-12

January 2015-9

Overall it was an amazing trip. It’s fun to be with friends when we can reminisce about college, but also make new memories together. Even though we don’t see each other often or talk as much as we would like, it’s still so easy to talk with each other. I feel so loved and encouraged afterwards. We always have a good mix of serious and silly, activity and relaxing. One of our funniest moments was probably playing Heads Up charades, boys vs girls. So many good laughs!

So that was our December/New Year. While it tends to be a busy month, I was so drawn to relaxing that it was a refreshing way to end 2014.


  1. Such a fun month for you guys! Want to make me a headboard next time you’re in Indiana? I’ve been begging Justin to do it for years- we’re so boring and still just using the ugly metal frame for our bed without even so much as a bedskirt 😀

    • I would definitely make you one if we visit Indiana! They are pretty simple so Justin could definitely build one, especially since he already built you a table! It just takes time… That’s why it took me so long to make ours.

      • Oh you have no idea. I love love love our table, but he only made it with the help of a friend and even then, it took 6 months for him to actually finish and get into our house. I think he is a one trick pony- any other projects will have to be done by me 😀

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