November 2014

Since November was a while ago, I will try to make this a brief update:

The first weekend of November was the first time all fall that we slept at our apartment every night. It was glorious! Besides lounging, I spent Saturday organizing all our important and random papers into our new filling cabinet/side table.

At the end of October Chris had his 3 month appointment for his elbow. We thought he would be in the clear to play sports, but they told him he still had three more month… not what he wanted to hear. Since the bone was fully healed, we decided he could participate in some activities that didn’t require a lot of arm action, like soccer, as long as he wore his brace and an elbow pad. November was the championship for flag football, so he wanted to play since he missed the whole season. His team won for the second year in a row!

Fall Football The Cozywood Life

My throat felt gross for about two weeks this month, so I finally decided to go to an ENT. I’ve also decided to get my tonsils out. I’m getting them removed next week… more on that later.

The weekend before Thanksgiving we were in Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. This was our second year going, so it was less overwhelming since we knew what to expect. My favorite speaker was Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson. The Skit Guys were there too and I love them! We got to spend Saturday afternoon with my aunt, uncle, and their 3 dogs. We went out to lunch and went hiking around a Civil War mill near their house. Towards the end of the hike I didn’t feel well. I thought it was from lunch, but once we got in the car I got really hot, I started having a hard time breathing (my throat was closing up), and I started breaking out into hives on my whole upper body. I think I was allergic to one of their dogs, but I have never had a reaction like that before so I was freaking out a bit. I took some allergy meds and could breathe normal within an hour and my hives were gone a couple hours later. It was insane! For your sake I will not show you pictures.

NYWC Atlanta The Cozywood Life

For Thanksgiving we roadtripped to Michigan to spend time with my family. We did Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family, did some shopping, played a ton of Settlers of Catan, and admired my dad’s Christmas lights. It was great, low-key family time. In November I picked up knitting again after 8 years and finished a practice Christmas stocking while at my parents’ (I didn’t want to mess the real ones up!). And on our drive home we got hooked on the podcast Serial… so good! We listened to every episode available.

Thanksgiving The Cozywood Life

So that was our November. I wanted to document something so I won’t forget down the road. December update coming soon!


  1. My whole fam plowed through Serial too…and I want to see your hives pictures.

  2. 1. I lovedddd Serial!
    2. We played Settlers for the first time at Christmas! Everyone in Justin’s family hated it and Justin’s lame when it comes to games, so I’ve been on the hunt for someone to play it with me ever since!
    3. How’d your tonsillectomy go?? Hope you’re feeling better 🙂
    And 4. I feel so bad I can never reply to your comments on my blog, but you’re set to a ‘no reply comment blogger’ 🙁 here’s how you can change it!

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