Hello! Welcome to my new domain name! If you are coming over from my old blog and would like to follow this new blog, you can sign up to receive emails or follow me through Bloglovin on the sidebar.

You might be wondering why I upgraded my domain name, especially since I’ve been MIA for two months. There are a few reasons, one of which is a secret that I will share in a few months. One reason is I like the officialness of it. I wanted to have my own domain from the start, but thought I should test it out first before taking that step. In many ways it would have been easier to start with since I had to figure out how to transfer everything from my other blog to this one… clearly there are some things I have not figured out yet, like how to transfer my followers or how to get my Instagram on the sidebar, but that’s ok. It’s a learning process. I also hope this upgrade will motivate me to put more time and effort into sharing on the blog. I want this to be a place where I document our life, which is hard to do if I don’t post. So my hope is to start posting more regularly. So first I’m hoping to give a brief overview of what we have been up to the past 2 months, then I will share about what is currently going on, and then I’m planning to start sharing some of my projects (since I did promise that 2 months ago and have not delivered). So that is the plan as of now. Thanks for stopping by the new site and remember to follow me if you would like to receive post updates. Now, I’m off to edit some pictures (3 months worth!) so I have some content for these upcoming posts. Talk to you soon.