Labor Day 2015

I know that Labor Day was a month ago, but I still wanted to share about our annual trip to Michigan to visit my family. We were in my home town for less than 24 hours (enough time for a haircut and a quick trip to the mall) before we headed up to our family cabin for the long weekend. It was restful as usual. I don’t have a long list of things we did, so I will explain more things with pictures.

Due to Chris’s arm, he couldn’t go swimming, so we mostly walked in the water and chatted.

Labor Day 2015-7

Labor Day 2015-2

We played lots of games including corn hole and Settlers of Catan (per usual). We also bought an extension for the game, Cities and Knights. Chris, my dad, and I loved it and played a lot. The rest of the family wasn’t as thrilled with it (it slows the pace and requires a bit more thinking).

Labor Day 2015-6

We took our annual trip into Mackinaw City. First we played miniature golf and I helped Greg tie for the win because I hit in his ball for a hole in one. We also reminisced about how many people used to come to the course and how nice it used to be. They have stopped maintaining it well which is a bummer, but we still like it.

Labor Day 2015-3

We also went to look for shirts and get ice cream. For the previous 3 years my mom has been dying to buy Chris and I Michigan shirts, but every year we haven’t found something we liked or we did, but the store didn’t have our size. But this was my mom’s lucky year as Chris and I both found shirts we liked! Long sleeve shirts for the win! And then we got ice cream to celebrate 🙂

Labor Day 2015-4

The weather was supposed to be rainy most of the weekend, but luckily it wasn’t. We had one morning that looked like it was going to rain, but then it went away. I personally like the stormy days because the lake is beautiful and we play lots of games.

Labor Day 2015-1

Labor Day 2015-9

Labor Day 2015-8

As our time Up North ended, Chris and I were reflecting on our experiences there more than usual. I’ve had so many amazing memories up at my cabin with family and friends over my lifetime. It has always been a given that my children would have the same. But things might be changing soon. While I pray that our dreams for the future will be met, I know that no matter what happens the cabin will always be very special to my family and I know my kids with have a similar experience as I did, whether there or somewhere new.

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame

When Chris and I first got married we purchased a mattress. Just a mattress. After sleeping on our mattress for a few weeks, we both decided we didn’t like it. When we bought it we picked a slightly harder mattress because we thought it would be easier to get up in the morning because we wouldn’t be too cozy and want to stay in bed. Our logic was completely flawed and we ended up with a bed that was hurting our backs. Luckily we had a 100 day return policy, so we returned it and decided not to buy another one. Since we would soon be moving from California to New Jersey, we decided to sleep on our air mattress… for 4 months. Yes we are a little crazy. But overall it would save us money (moving costs), so we did it. But boy was I ready to get a real mattress once we moved.

After our cross country road trip, we got to our new apartment and whipped out our air mattress until we got settled. After a few nights in the apartment Chris was convinced that we could sleep on the air mattress for a few more months! I was not ok with that. However, about a month in, Chris woke up one Saturday morning and announced that we were getting a bed that day! We even got a box spring to go with it… watch out! We assembled our new bed on the floor and then it stayed like that… for a year.

Because I wanted to build our bed the process of getting our mattress off the floor was prolonged, especially because we couldn’t agree on what we wanted. Farmhouse bed? Storage bed? There were so many options and because I am indecisive and dislike making mistakes, it takes me forever to make decisions. But I finally decided and now we have a bed!

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-9

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-7

This bed was fairly simple to make. I cut all the wood at my in-laws’ house and assembled everything at our apartment. The plans are from Ana White’s website (here are plans for the headboard and the frame) though I did make some changes based on my preferences and to fit a queen size bed. I finished all the basic assembly in one evening after work.

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-1

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-2

Next I moved everything onto the patio to sanded it. After wiping it down to remove the dust I put one coat of Minwax Pre-Stain on the wood so it would absorb the stain evenly. Then I brushed on the stain (Minwax Dark Walnut) with a foam brush, let it sit for 15-20 minutes and wiped it off with a rag.

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-3

We moved our bed into the living room for a slumber party so I could assemble the bed in our bedroom.

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-6

I made the inside frame on the floor. Then we assembled the outside frame and fitted them together. Once that felt secure we used brackets to attach the frame to the headboard and then it was time to seal it. I applied 3 coats of Safecoat Acrylacq to the bed. I got the recommendation from Young House Love for it being toxin free. I seriously felt like I was painting milk onto our bed, but it dried clear. After 24 hours of drying we moved everything in and finally slept on our new bed.

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-4

DIY Headboard and Bed Frame The Cozywood Life-5

It has been almost a year since I made the bed and it’s still great. Now I need to make some side tables! I’m hoping to do that this fall.

I Opened an Etsy Shop

Yes you read that correctly. A few months ago I started an Etsy shop named The Cozywood Life where I sell pillow covers and wood decor items. I’ve been keeping it mostly to myself because I wanted to see if I could actually do it before I announced it and because I don’t like failing, especially in front of people. But now I’m ready to tell whoever wants to hear about my shop.

The Cozywood Life Etsy Shop Announcement

I first thought about starting an Etsy shop in January 2014. While I was excited about it, I was also very scared, so instead I started this blog in April 2014 and also kept that to myself for a while. The idea entered my head again this January. I’m seeing a theme of new years and new adventures. This year I decided to try it, even though I was scared. Chris convinced me that the worst thing that could happen is it didn’t work and I spent some money that I wouldn’t get back. Plus I would learn some valuable life lessons.

So in March I opened my shop and listed one item. And then I did nothing. April and May were really busy at work and the fear of getting orders and not being able to fulfill them in time took control. With one of my part time jobs ending in May, Chris agreed to give me the summer to focus on getting my Etsy shop up and running before I figured out my next work venture.

So starting June 1 I jumped in and have been making progress ever since. I was so excited to see my first sale after trying for 9 days. I know that is not normal for many Etsy sellers so I was thrilled. Over time as I have added more items I have slowly gotten more sales. I am please with how things are going so far and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

I’m also thankful for God’s timing. If I would have started this shop a year earlier, things would have looked very different, but I’m excited where things are now.

So how can you help support my shop? In many ways that would make me feel very appreciated and loved.

  1. Tell people about it. Share this post or tell someone you know who might like what I am selling. I will even send you some of my business cards if you want 🙂
  2. If you are interested in what I am doing, you can follow my Facebook page, my Instagram account, and my Pinterest page. While they are just starting out, they will grow and I would love your support and interaction with them.
  3. Sign up for my newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with a bagillion emails. This is to hear about exclusive offers, new products, and exciting things that are happening (one will be coming in a few weeks for Labor Day).
  4. Prayer and encouragement! I can never get enough and I am so grateful for anyone who is willing to support me.

Thank you so much for reading about my new adventure! If you are interested in buying anything yourself, please use the coupon code CWLFRIENDS20 so you can receive 20% off through this Sunday, August 23rd. And feel free to share that code with others! Let me know if you have any questions! I would be happy to answer them 🙂

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